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First Look at Ponce City Market →



I’ve been stalking Ponce City Market ever since I heard rumors about its plans back in 2010. I finally had a chance to snag a spot in a tour and went in for a look today.

It was truly amazing going on a tour of the current state of Ponce City Market. It’s going to be such a catalyst for good in our city.

Share extensions in iOS 8: Explained →

iOS 8 is for growth hackers.

…sometimes friction can help you acquire customers that really believe in your product, who want to build a long-term relationship with your company

This San Francisco Artist Is Messing With Wireless Networks At Tech Company Bus Stops →

I’m seeing more and more experiences that encourage people to encourage “unplug” and return to the physical world. Unicef’s Tap Project is another great example.

SocEnt Talks: Farmer D →


Rather than spending money on advertising, I can invest in community engagement and at the same time, build my brand.

Great advice from social entrepreneur Daron “Farmer D” Joffe on balancing profitability and social good.

Humble Beginnings →


My mission for this blog is to bridge the gap between business and social value through renewed thinking. I hope to:

  • Inspire my readers by sharing stories of innovative and mission-driven entrepreneurs
  • Enable my readers to take action in addressing the social needs of their communities
  • Connect the novo·be community to exchange knowledge and resources

I hope that you can share this journey with me as I continue to strengthen and develop my mission.  

Here’s to renewed thinking!

Excited for Judy and the launch of novobe. Can’t wait for all the great content on social entrepreneurship, a topic I know is important to us millennials.

The Ultimate Guide to Solving iOS Battery Drain — Overthought →

Great guide by a former Genius Bar employee.

Outkast, in charts →

Must-read for any Outkast Southern Hip-Hop fans.


Neurosurgeons successfully implant 3D printed skull

A 22-year-old woman from the Netherlands who suffers from a chronic bone disorder — which has increased the thickness of her skull from 1.5cm to 5cm, causing reduced eyesight and severe headaches — has had the top section of her skull removed and replaced with a 3D printed implant.

The operation was performed by a team of neurosurgeons at the University Medical Centre Utrecht and the university claims this is this first instance of a successful 3D printed cranium that has not been rejected by the patient.

The operation, which took 23 hours, was led by Dr Bon Verweij. The patient’s skull was so thick, that had the operation not been performed, serious brain damage or death may have occurred in the near future.

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Dr. Bon Verweij, you sir, are a g.

(via emergentfutures)

Harry Potter is Getting a Spin-Off →


J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter film spin-off Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will be a trilogy, according to a Warner Bros. executive interviewed by the New York Times.

Let the rejoicing begin.